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August, 2014

  1. Workshops in Week 8

    August 31, 2014 by nsadler

    Teacher Led Workshops:

    Monday             Mr Noonan              Fractions, decimals and percentages

    Tuesday             Mr Noonan              Fractions, decimals and percentages

    Tuesday             Mrs Reddan             Chocolate Ratios

    Wednesday       Mrs Sadler                Measurments, Mass, Volume, Time, Temperature (including negative numbers)

    Thursday           Mrs Sadler                Measurments, Mass, Volume, Time, Temperature (including negative numbers)

    Student Led Workshops

    Monday              1. Ethan and  Isaac               Box and whisker plots

    2. Eddie, Xavier, Tom            Pie Graphs

    Tuesday              1.

    2.Riley Lewis, Daniel C.          Area circles and semi-circles

    Wednesday         1. Ned and Ethan                            Eqivalent Fractions

    2.Amelia                                          Cubic metres

    Thursday             1. Jack, Hunter and Noah               Fibonacci and Pascal

    2. Lucy M, Jayme                             Bar model and multiplication

    Friday                    1. Billy, Sheldon and Lincoln        Operations with decimal fractions

    1. Hannah                                          Multiplying decimal fractions

    2. Tianni                                            Division of whole numbers by single digits, worded problems

    2. Connor and Liam                        Dividing fractions

    2.Artie, Lachi, Darcy and Dan       Short Division of whole numbers using sinlge digits

    2. Olivia A                                          Volumes of a cylinder, pyramid and regular rectangular prisms.

  2. Post your test results

    August 18, 2014 by missnitschke

    NAPLAN test results form 


    August 18, 2014 by nsadler

    Division & Multiplication

    • Share a box of barbecue shapes between a small group of friends. How many shapes come in one box? Estimate how many each friend will get. How many more will you need so that each friend gets the same number of shapes? How many boxes would you need so that everybody in your home room received 5 shapes each?
    • If on your birthday you decide to give everyone in your homeroom a party bag containing seven lollies how many lollies would you need? If bulk lolly bags contain 56 lollies how many of these bags will you need to make up your party bags? If each bulk lolly bag weighs 2kg how many kilograms (in total) will your bags weigh? If lollies are sold for $2.42 per kilogram, how much will this cost you? If Aldi advertises bulk lollies for $2.42 per kilo and Coles advertises bulk lollies for $3.75 per 1.5 kilo bag, which store offers the best value for money? REPRESENT YOUR THINKING AND EXPLAIN YOUR STRATEGIES
    • See the ‘People Space’ tasks on the PROMPTS WALL


    Missing Values

    • _____ + 16 – 43 = 34
    • After shopping for your mum you had 17 dollars left. You bought a loaf of bread for $5 and some sausages for $6. How much money did you start out with?
    • At the end of the day the hunting party had travelled 37 kilometres away from base-camp to the ‘Treetops’. On their first leg of the journey they travelled 18 kilometres, but then they had to travel 6 kilometres back to base because they dropped their compass on the way. How many kilometres did they have to travel in the second leg to make it to ‘Treetops’?
    • At the end of one hour the 1 litre leaky jug had just 300 mls of water left inside. In the first 20 minutes the jug leaked 400 mls of water but Sam noticed and put 200 mls back into the jug. How much did the leaky jug leak in the next 40 minutes?


    Visualising shapes

    • Use a range of differently sized triangles to make a square, a parallelogram, a house: any other shapes that use challenging thinking
    • Make some 3D buildings from unit cubes then draw each face. Exchange drawings with your partner and reconstruct the buildings from the drawings.
    • Cut up some geometric shapes using straight line cuts. Exchange jigsaws with your partner and reconstruct the shapes


    Calculating Time


    Decimal fraction and fractions

    • use a think board to represent values in at least four different ways
    • find decimal fractions and fractions in the newspaper and sort them according to similar properties
    • convert fractional measures in recipes into decimal fractions and/or percentages
    • Calculate quantities of ingredients when recipes need to be multiplied to cater for larger numbers of people
    • See ‘Finding Compatible Fractions’ tasks on the PROMPTS WALL


    August 18, 2014 by nsadler

    Please find below, two links to the year 5 and year 7 NAPLAN assessments

    Year five answers: NAPLAN ANSWER DOC

    Year seven answers: Answer PDF

  5. Box and whisker challenge!

    August 6, 2014 by missnitschke

    Create a box and whisker plot that represents the national data for your grade (5 or 6) in maths. It does not have to be based on real data, it will be an estimate.

    Then create another box and whisker plot of our maths class and compare this to the national data. On this box and whisker plot put a dot of where you think you would sit on the plot.

    Write down your explanation of why you created your plot that way, and what it represents.

    Do the same for literacy.


    You can find current NAPLAN data for St Therese school at MySchool (you need to search for St Therese, Torquay and then type in a code to get in)

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