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October, 2014

  1. Fraction Challenge

    October 28, 2014 by pnoonan14

    How many ways can you divide this into….




    Can you divide this into quarters just by adding a few lines to the diagram?

    fraction challenge

  2. Mapping Questions

    October 15, 2014 by missnitschke

    Mapping q

  3. Week 2 Learning Outcome and Workshops timetable

    October 9, 2014 by nsadler

    We are learning to read and plot locations of

    landmarks on a map using accurate coordinates.

      Mon Tues Thurs Friday
    Group 1 Student workshops – Location, translation, reflection, rotation James Ava Ruby and Zoe Peer assessed task – mapping
    Group 1 Teacher Workshops – mapping using grid references Miss Nitschke Mrs Sadler Miss Nischke
    Group 2 Student workshops – Location, translation, reflection, rotation Eddie and Xavier Charlie Evie Bayes
    Group 2 Teacher Workshops – mapping using grid references Mrs Sadler Mr Noonan Mrs Sadler

  4. Week 1 Learning Objective

    October 5, 2014 by missnitschke

    We are learning about the location, translation, transformation and reflections of geometric shapes. 

  5. Term 4 Investigation

    October 5, 2014 by missnitschke

    Conducting a Mathematical Investigation


    Essential Question

    What is your essential question of your investigation?

    Can this question be answered with a yes or no? (If so, think again!)

    Does this question make you think of lots of other questions? (If yes, it’s a good one!)

    Is this something you already know the answer to?

    (If you don’t then congratulations you have found your essential question!!)



    What are you investigating?

    What do you want to find out?

    How are you going to find this out?

    Why do you think this is important?



    What do you think you will find?

    Make some predictions based on your prior knowledge.



    List any materials you will need to conduct your investigation (this includes anything you can think of! Example; iPad, workbook, unifix, protractor etc.)


    Secondary Questions

    These are the little questions that will drive your investigation. Come up with a few at the start and more as you go along.

    Is at least one of them connected to the Success Criteria for this week? (If yes you are on the right track!)


    Mathematics Involved

    Using correct mathematical terminology list the mathematical concepts (topics) you think you will use in your investigation. This doesn’t need to be a complete list as you might discover new concepts along the way.


    Start Investigating!

    Start answering your secondary questions.

    Record everything that you do.

    If you are building or creating something you need to research and create clear plans of what you are making before construction.



    Once you answer a question, reflect on what you have learnt – what new understandings or strategies did you learn?



    What were the results of your investigation?

    Were they what you expected?

    What did you learn?

    What would you do differently next time?

    What questions do you still have?

  6. Maths in the Real World

    October 5, 2014 by pnoonan14

    Group 1


    Group 2

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